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Movie Postcards & Movie Star Post Cards REFERENCE LINKS: MEMBER LINKS "E. H. Mitchell Postcard Checklist" Lynne Appel's (All of Edward H. Mitchell's Postcards: Postcard Explorer: on a list compiled by. Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle's. Database with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer. The first American postcard was developed in by the Morgan Envelope Factory of Springfield, Massachusetts. These first postcards depicted the Interstate. REFERENCE LINKS: MEMBER LINKS "E. H. Mitchell Postcard Checklist" Lynne Appel's (All of Edward H. Mitchell's Postcards: Postcard Explorer: on a list compiled by. Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle's. Database with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer.

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Will you help me find something? Also made three teich Bachelor Apartment William Howard Tipton entered the dating of photography by apprenticing to the Tyson Brothers postcard he was only 12 years old. Post Card History and Dating Methods. Although the world's first picture post cards date from the s to the mids, post cards, as we know them, came into being. Identification. There are some general rules to dating when a postcard was printed.

Postcards are generally sent within a few years of their printing so the postmark. Many are folded as they were sent in the mail. The MetroPostcard list of vintage postcard publishers and printers beginning with T. Ranapar Studio (’s) Tacoma, WA. Published real photo postcards of Washington State. Best known for images of Mount Rainier National Park.

MOVIE POSTCARDS & MOVIE STAR POST CARDS. What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO. Friend us or follow us on at Judnick Postcards. Identification. There are some general rules to dating when a postcard was printed. Postcards are generally sent within a few years of their printing so the postmark.

Most of these were created in the style of wood engravings though reproduced in color lithography. In the failing economy of , Red Star went out of business though some of its fleet was purchased by Arnold Bernstein of Hamburg, Germany.

Bernstein was arrested by the Nazis in and the Red Line name disappeared with him. A photographer who served as Custodian of Arches National Park between to While there he produced many real photo postcards of the park and other scenes of the region in the years that followed. He is credited with discovering unusual geological formations. A publisher of regional Gruss aus cards and holiday cards. While their early cards were printed in lithography their later cards were issued as real photos even when they reproduced artist drawn material.

They also produced many real photo postcards depicting women and children. The Regent Publishing Co. A large publisher of postcards in a variety of manner under the Regent or Prince Regent series name. They issued cards of actresses, greetings, comics, royalty, and views especially of London. Many of these cards were produced as real photos and some were hand colored. They also published novelty cards under the Wag Tail series name.

Published tinted halftone and hand colored view-cards of the American Northeast. They are esspecially known for their copper window cards.

A publisher and printer of postcards from early Gruss auss to latter views, usually in monochrome or tinted collotype. They may have been one of the printers used by the Rotograph Company. After this business disolved he formed a new company to publish lithographic prints and postcards with Stephen L. Also distributed the cards illustrated by Raphael Kirchner. Other cards were printed for them in Europe.

After they mostly reprinted older images. An important photographer of Egyptian scenes and people. He also published real photo postcards, many with hand coloring. Some of these cards were photo montages with distinct Art Nouveau graphics added. A publisher of tinted halftone postcards depicting views from southern California, the logging industry, and Mexican types.

His cards were printed in Germany. Published lithographic guides and postcard views of Washington, DC. Sometimes both names appear on the same printed materials. Rhode Island News Co. A publisher and distributor of regional postcards for the American News Co. A publisher of local views and types in monochrome collotypes. This important lithographic printer was one of the oldest in the American West.

They not only printed numerous tricolor postcards at the turn of the 20th century but real photo cards as well. In they became part of Color Graphics, Inc. A major Russian publishing house of various lithographic materials including postcards. Produced many artist signed cards through the tricolor process.

A local photography studio that produced high quality real photo postcards depicting the Town of Chatham on Cape Cod. A photographer who published a great number of Vermont views, especially the northern portion of the State, as real photo postcards. Many are characterized by deep dark tones and scant detail.

In he became involved with filmmaking, producing shorts on the maple sugar industry and on the flood of Richardson is also remembered for his postcards of fur bearing trout from Lake Memphremagog.

Founded by a Swiss lithographer, their high quality work led them into printing bank notes and items for the royal family. They eventually became important printers for the hotel industry producing many posters, travel brochures, and luggage labels. Around , as Mario Borgoni became Artistic Director, they began to publish postcards.

The French artist J. Paschal later joined the Company illustrating a number of their cards. Many cards by both artists are unsigned. This workshop was originally founded by Giovanni Ricordi to publish classical music. After they became the largest music publisher of the Mediterranean region with offices in Naples, Florence, and Rome, they opened new branches in London, Paris, Leipzig, and New York. Many of these had musical themes such as scenes from operas.

They added the words Graphic Workshop Officine Grafiche to their name after importing lithographic printing presses from Germany. They were better known in their latter years as Casa Ricordi. An important publisher of calendars who was noted for their work with images by artist Charles M.

They also produced a number of postcards in line block and in tinted halftone dealing with Western themes such as cowboy poetry, native Americans, Rodeos, and humor. A photographer and publisher of hand colored postcards of regional views.

They also published a series of artist signed seascapes by Leonard Patten. Their cards are often only marked M. Printed and published view-cards of the West and of Native Americans.

His cards were printed in Germany except those contracted out to Edward H. Mitchell in the United States. These photographers captured many views of India, which they had printed as tritone photogravure postcards in Germany.

They also had offices in London and Singapore. Max Rigot Selling Co. The Max Rigot Studios produced a number of photographic souvenirs of local sporting events around Chicago.

This trend continued when they began publishing postcards as the Max Rigot Selling Company. They also published many regional view-cards that included panoramas, some of jumbo size. Eastland in the Chicago River in By they were producing linens for the Chicago Words Fair. These cards were contracted out to Curt Teich, though their later view were also printed by the American Colortype Co.

This fast growing drug store chain was founded through the merger of William B. Between and they more than doubled their size acquiring store from Baltimore to Providence, but by they were bought out by the United Drug Company. They published many types of postcards over the years that they sold through their stores. The great fire of destroyed his workplace but he hawked images of the disaster to regain his footing. Afterwards he began producing color postcards in tinted halftones.

Published many postcards of views and especially types around South Africa. A publisher of a great number of view-cards depicting Great Britain and Ireland. Most were issued under the Reliable Series name. Their cards were printed in a variety of techniques but mostly as tinted collotypes. Some artist signed cards were also produced such as their Waterette series that reproduced watercolors through tricolor printing.

They also sold hold to light novelties and photographs, many of which were published in picture books and as real photo postcards. The Robbins Brothers Co. A publisher and printer of New England view-cards and holiday cards in tinted halftone. They distributed many of their cards through the Metropolitan News Co. A publisher of regional view-cards, American Indians, and cowboy song cards. Most of these tinted halftone cards were contracted out to Curt Teich. Souvenir of the National Defence.

In the following year the first known picture postcard in which the image functioned as a souvenir was sent from Vienna. Cards showing images increased in number during the s.

Images of the newly built Eiffel Tower in and gave impetus to the postcard, leading to the so-called "golden age" of the picture postcard in years following the mids.

Early postcards often showcased photography of nude women. These were commonly known as French postcards , due to the large number of them produced in France.

Postcards were made because people were looking for an easier way to send quick notes. The Post Office was the only establishment allowed to print postcards, and it held its monopoly until May 19, , when Congress passed the Private Mailing Card Act , which allowed private publishers and printers to produce postcards. Initially, the United States government prohibited private companies from calling their cards "postcards", so they were known as "souvenir cards".

These cards had to be labeled "Private Mailing Cards". This prohibition was rescinded on December 24, , from when private companies could use the word "postcard". Postcards were not allowed to have a divided back and correspondents could only write on the front of the postcard.

This was known as the "undivided back" era of postcards. From March 1, the Post Office allowed private citizens to write on the address side of a postcard.

It was on this date that postcards were allowed to have a "divided back". On these cards the back is divided into two sections: Thus began the Golden Age of American postcards, which peaked in with the introduction of tariffs on German-printed postcards, and ended by , when World War I ultimately disrupted the printing and import of the fine German -printed cards.

The postcard craze between and was particularly popular among rural and small-town women in Northern U. Postcards, in the form of government postal cards and privately printed souvenir cards, became very popular as a result of the Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in , after postcards featuring buildings were distributed at the fair.

In , more than million postcards were mailed. The "white border" era, named for borders around the picture area, lasted from about to Linen postcards were produced in great quantity from to Despite the name, linen postcards were not produced on a linen fabric, but used newer printing processes that used an inexpensive card stock with a high rag content, and were then finished with a pattern which resembled linen.

The face of the cards is distinguished by a textured cloth appearance which makes them easily recognizable. The reverse of the card is smooth, like earlier postcards. The rag content in the card stock allowed a much more colorful and vibrant image to be printed than the earlier "white border" style. Due to the inexpensive production and bright realistic images they became popular. One of the better known linen era postcard manufacturers was Curt Teich and Company, who first produced the immensely popular "large letter linen" postcards among many others.

The card design featured a large letter spelling of a state or place with smaller photos inside the letters. The design can still be found in many places today. C Kropp, and the Asheville Postcard Company. By the late s new colorants had been developed that were very enticing to the printing industry. Though they were best used as dyes to show off their brightness, this proved to be problematic. To experience the rich colors of dyes light must be able to pass through them to excite their electrons.

A partial solution was to combine these dyes with petroleum distillates, leading to faster drying heatset inks. But it was Curt Teich who finally solved the problem by embossing paper with a linen texture before printing. The embossing created more surface area, which allowed the new heatset inks to dry even faster. In addition to printing with the usual CYMK colors, a lighter blue was sometimes used to give the images extra punch.

Higher speed presses could also accommodate this method, leading to its widespread use. Although first introduced in , their growing popularity was interrupted by the outbreak of war. Even though the images on linen cards were based on photographs, they contained much handwork of the artists who brought them into production. There is of course nothing new in this; what it notable is that they were to be the last postcards to show any touch of the human hand on them.

In their last days, many were published to look more like photo-based chrome cards that began to dominate the market. Textured papers for postcards had been manufactured ever since the turn of the century. But since this procedure was not then a necessary step in aiding card production, its added cost kept the process limited to a handful of publishers.

Its original use most likely came from attempts to simulate the texture of canvas, thus relating the postcard to a painted work of fine art. The United States Postal Service defines a postcard as: The last and current postcard era, which began about , is the "chrome" era, however these types of cards did not begin to dominate until about Myths and Myth Making in Tourism.

In the British Post Office introduced a new type of card, PHQ Cards , popular with collectors, especially when they have the appropriate stamp affixed and a First day of issue postmark obtained. In July , the Post Office of India introduced a quarter anna postcard that could be posted from one place to another within British India.

This was the cheapest form of post provided to the Indian people to date and proved a huge success. The establishment of a large postal system spanning India resulted in unprecedented postal access: This was followed in April by postcards meant specifically for government use and by reply postcards in In , British publishers were given permission by the Royal Mail to manufacture and distribute picture postcards, which could be sent through the post.

It was originally thought that the first UK postcards were produced by printing firm Stewarts of Edinburgh but later research published in Picture Postcard Monthly in , has shown that the first GB picture card was published by ETW Dennis of Scarborough.

With steam locomotives providing fast and affordable travel, the seaside became a popular tourist destination, and generated its own souvenir-industry. In the early s, cartoon-style saucy postcards became widespread, and at the peak of their popularity the sale of saucy postcards reached a massive 16 million a year.

They were often bawdy in nature, making use of innuendo and double entendres and traditionally featured stereotypical characters such as vicars, large ladies, and put-upon husbands, in the same vein as the Carry On films. In the early s, the newly elected Conservative government were concerned at the apparent deterioration of morals in Britain and decided on a crackdown on these postcards.

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They approach the dating of Teich postcards from markedly different datings. At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services. Schmucker overcame the challenge of crippling polio to postcard drawing and painting at the Pennyslvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Howard Pyle Institute at Drexel. Although this work will be of greatest postcard to view collectors of the upper Mississippi region, topical collectors of breweries, bridges, ships and mining will not be disappointed. Western Australia Card Collectors Society. Views Read Teich View history. Part 03 - Sons and Lovers Audiobook by D. H. Lawrence (Ch 05-06)

Mark Werther and Lorenzo Mott: On March 1,the United States picture postcard with a message space was years old. World Wide Vintage Postcards.

Four triangles, one in each corner, pointing up. Similar acknowledgements were probably discarded after the guarantee time period was up. This prohibition was rescinded on December 24, , from when private companies could use the word "postcard". A publisher and printer of New England view-cards and holiday cards in tinted halftone.

They are noted for their Maoriland Series. Offering U.S. Postal History and postcards in our Mail Bid Sales. We also offer related storage supplies and reference literature. To find a Stamp Show or Postcard. MOVIE POSTCARDS & MOVIE STAR POST CARDS. What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO. Friend us or follow us on at Judnick Postcards.

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Another, shown with flowers in her hair No. Their London factory and offices were destroyed in during a German bombing raid, but they began publishing anew after the war.

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    They not only provided the only rail passenger service to the Park but supplemental transportation to its inns. The Postcards of Alphonse Mucha. To order from th is pricelist , please click here. After the turn of the 20th century they began to publish their images as postcards.

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    They were also an early publisher of picture postcards. Often there is a reference in the box to the amount of postage required. Small sets of cards were printed in untypical techniques.

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    Credits before his tragic murder include: By the late s new colorants had been developed that were very enticing to the printing industry. If there is no stamp box, or a generic stamp box, go to Postcards Backs. For information about consigning material for our Mail Bid Sales, click here. Roger who had been taking professional photographs since had become well known for his trick photography.

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    Over cards illustrated; most in color. Sometimes both names appear on the same printed materials.

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